Transition Bro Gwuan team - Fishguard - Pembrokeshire - Wales

Transition Cafe Fishguard a Finalist in European Surplus Food competition

It is FANTASTIC news that Pembrokeshire’s food surplus project, Transition Cafe in Fishguard is listed as a finalist in the European Surplus Food competition and THEY ASK YOU TO VOTE in support of their mission by 28 FEBRUARY.

The REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest looks for the freshest ideas to tackle food waste across Europe.

People are developing and implementing innovative solutions to the problem of food waste. The REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest wants to bring much-deserved recognition to these ideas and encourage their spread. Read more about the contest here.

Transition Bro Gwaun’s Surplus Food Project is a not-for-profit enterprise that cuts food waste and saves carbon by stopping food going to landfill. Volunteers and staff collect perfectly good food that local shops and businesses would otherwise throw away and turn much of it into affordable, healthy meals and preserves for sale. Read more about their project here.

Most importantly, PLEASE COME BACK TO MAKE YOUR VOTE on their profile page by clicking the big blue ‘VOTE’ button next to the video ( you can’t miss it!).

We wish you the very best of luck Transition Bro Gwaun, you’re providing an extremely valuable service to our people and our planet.


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