Life Seeker is a positive lifestyle hub for the West Wales community

Did you know a whopping 40% of our happiness is guided by doing things we choose to do.

Our mission is to inspire the West Wales community to manage their physical and mental wellbeing by adopting small changes to their lifestyle.

We host an online hub and publish a monthly digital newspaper containing local, fun and useful positive lifestyle resources in West Wales.

This means you experience a fresh outlook on life, do more of what you love and smile more

How it works

We seek ways to embrace the 6 Ways to Wellbeing and add them to the hub as articles, providers, activities & events.

You browse the hub for inspiration and make small changes to the way you live.

You start to notice small improvements to your physical and mental wellbeing.


  • The online hub
  • Life Seeker newspaper
  • Good work stories from West Wales
  • Your stories on mental & physical health

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