The Roving Retirees: July & August adventures

Meet Karen and Jeanette

Meet Karen and Jeanette

Karen and Jeanette are two adventure-loving ladies enjoying their freedom as recent Pembrokeshire retirees. Jeanette committed her entire career to managing children's social services. Karen worked as a PE teacher and pastoral year head for 20 years and spent 10 years running a garden design & maintenance business in South East Wales.

Their lust for life is infectious. They find fun and positivity in everything they do. They believe age is just a number. Follow their activities and discoveries around west Wales (and further afield) and where possible, start filling your own diary with adventures.

It’s been a bit of a ‘samba’ summer these last few weeks in following Samba Doc band to their various gigs across Pembrokeshire. It’s their busy season as Samba Doc are in great demand at local events! Jeanette plays a top surdo, one of the big drums and the band is infectious with their fun. I try and capture it with photos and videos, somehow that beat just makes people happy, players and spectators.

There’s a real sense of joy and pride, parading through Tenby or Pembroke Dock, seeing all the residents and tourists coming together.

Nothing can prepare you for the Firefighters Carnival in Tenby and the water fight in Tudor Square!

Or the hooter and fireworks to start the swim in Tenby on their Long course weekend!

Tenby Spectacular - Samba Reggae

Posted by Samba DOC on Sunday, 4 August 2019

We’ve temporarily swopped our bike wheels for another set! Meet Rita, our campervan!

She’s been a bit of a distraction and we’ve enjoyed nothing more than finding some dining spots with a view!!

Breakfast overlooking the Cleddau, lunch at Sandy Haven, tea at Newgale!

There’s something magical about sizzling bacon as the sun comes up at Cosherston Pill.

A viewpoint lunch above Little Haven.

We’re building up to overnighting but the simple pleasure of packing a picnic and a cuppa and scooting off to enjoy our local scenery for a couple of hours is delightful!

Next challenge is to teach Charlie to drive the camper!!  She’s loving the adventure too!

Now… can we load the bikes and the kayaks on the camper??????

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