Shaun and Paul – Spiffy

We are Shaun and Paul and we run Spiffy in Carmarthen!

Tell us about you, your business and where you operate in West Wales?

We are Shaun and Paul and we run Spiffy in Carmarthen!

What products and services do you provide and how can Seekers access them?

We offer products and services to help you to overcome the obstacles to your happiness. We offer a wide range of self-help books, affirmation cards and prints, aromatherapy, as well as gifts and treats to make you smile!

How can Seekers benefit from what you do?

  1. We’re a one-stop shop for you to find whatever tools you need to overcome the obstacles to your happiness and fulfilment
  2. We use our knowledge and experience of mental health to pass on everything we’ve learnt to you so you get more out of life
  3. We put a smile on your face!

What do you love about the work you do?

We love helping people! It’s so rewarding to hear customers tell us how something they’ve bought from us has helped them sleep better, reduce their stress, feel more confident – whatever it is!

How did you end up in your vocation?

Paul is a qualified coach and almost qualified counsellor, and self-development is one of his passions. Shaun has worked in retail for most of his career, so when we met, we decided to combine the two and create Spiffy! We’ve both suffered with mental health issues throughout our life so we wanted to give something back and share what we’ve learnt with the world.

Personal trivia

Early mornings or late nights?

Late nights 

Cats or dogs?


Retreat or festival?


Coast walk or coasteering?

Coast walk

Facebook or Instagram?


Guilty pleasure?

Cake (and lots of it!)

Favourite place in West Wales and why?

Broad Haven Beach – Lots of childhood memories

What did you want to do ‘when you grew up’?

An actor, a policeman and a teacher


Why should people use Life Seeker?

  • Positive lifestyle providers, activities, events, articles in one place.
  • It’s a useful wellbeing resource for living positively.
  • Provides a journey of self-discovery to increase personal wellbeing.
  • ‘Green prescriptions’ can work – LS supports this.
  • A catalyst to creating your own happiness
  • It’s a one-stop-resource for wellbeing and positivity providers in Wales

How can Seekers find you/keep in touch?

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