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Send a Cow for Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas, you’re likely to be sitting in one of three camps;

Camp Smug – your pre-festive planning went tremendously and with presents wrapped, decs up and the turkey awaiting collection, you’ve a whole 13 days to brew and taste test the mulled wine, make mince pies for Santa and test the mulled just once more, hic (!).

Camp Frantic – you’re still riding the Rudolph Roller Coaster, missed your stop twice because work hasn’t yet acknowledged Christmas and the kids need taxi-ing to Christmas Card club and the Festive Bake-Off…and you still have everything on your list to prepare.

Camp Real – you’ve planned to spend time with the special people in your life on the run up to/over/after the Christmas period, are enjoying the festive cheer when you can and will take Christmas as it comes, preferably with a smile on your face as opposed to an anxious, over-worked and frustrated frown.

Whichever camp you are happy visiting, we know you will have your perfect Christmas and this is essentially what counts.

As it’s present buying period, we thought we’d share news of a heart-warming project called Send a Cow, which literally derived from the idea of sending a cow from the UK (with a surplus of milk in 1988) to Africa (with an obvious lack of this basic staple). Their mission is to combine passion with practical meaning, to empower African people with the tools and training to create a more sustainable life.

We like their style.

Send a Cow has helped 1 million people out of poverty and has developed their offering to provide other useful gifts including; mandala gardens for crop growing, solar lanterns and child education.

You may already know someone that gives to charity instead of sending Christmas cards or perhaps someone that gives even more as a preference to buying unwanted presents. The beauty of this season is that we all do what we find appropriate and those who care about us genuinely, respect those decisions, as we do theirs.

This is not a plea for you to send a cow (!), just a nice little share to let you know about the amazing things happening as a result of our Christmas celebrations.

Happy Holidays to you x

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