‘Me Time’ for Pembrokeshire Guests

If you’re a regular visitor to Pembrokeshire, you probably know and love the huge range of activities on offer in this diverse and magical county. Watersports, adventure experiences, family days out, museums, craft & art galleries, restaurants, beach barbees…
Holidaying here means time for rest and relaxation, plus as many exciting things to do and see as you can physically squeeze in.

You couldn’t possibly miss out on the 20 things you saw in this year’s Coast to Coast magazine, or the leaflets you lined your pockets with from tourist info.

For the adventurous and inquisitive, it’s in our nature to pile the fun high,

“We’ll worry about rest when we get home.” or more controversially,

“We’ll have plenty of time to sleep when we die.”

Pembroke Castle - Boys Aloud - Pembrokeshire

If reading the above mimics your inner voice, you’ll be smiling at the reality of what actually happens when you return home.

You rush back, as fast as the winding roads allow, having taken a last minute decision to prolong your stay (because the sun came out, again!). Dump the bags, kids and the dog in the house before scrambling around to prep for the morning after. The working week starts before you know it and by mid-week you’re scratching your head, saying,

“It’s like we’ve never been away, but it was FANTASTIC!”

With this in mind, wouldn’t it be nice to build a little rest and recuperation into your next holiday in Pembrokeshire. To be packing your bags knowing that you’ll be taking time out for yourself, to replenish your energy levels and enrich your personal wellbeing.
Of course, let’s be realistic, you’re still likely to squeeze this ‘you time’ into your usual packed itinerary. But imagine having a family fun packed morning on Tenby beach followed by a mini mindfulness retreat in the afternoon – time to be silent, connect with nature and calm your busy mind.


How well do you think you’ll sleep that night?!

The Big Retreat Wales - Pembrokeshire

Mindfulness could be replaced with 1:1 yoga therapy or small group yoga, nutritional advice, a cookery workshop, gardening for wellbeing, stand up paddle boarding, a creative craft course, exploring the estuaries by canoe and more…

These wellbeing focused activities are in abundance in Pembrokeshire, yet surprisingly haven’t been on the ‘what’s on’ radar until now. Plus most aren’t as ‘alternative’ as you may think.

Life Seeker exists to provide this kind of inspiration to busy individuals, couples and families on a short break in west Wales.

As a visitor to Pembrokeshire, you can now access a hub of positive lifestyle providers, activities and events to help you live a happy and healthy life, in addition to enjoying the more traditional Pembrokeshire gems.

Playing smart and living well is something we know we should do. We just need a little nudge every now and then to create the right balance.

Browse our expert providers and get in touch for a chat. They’ll be happy to arrange a bespoke session or group activity during your stay.

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