The Summer Wellbeing Sessions: A toolkit for mind, body and soul

‘Wellbeing’ is a word we’re being exposed to at an increasing rate and some of those practising in this arena wonder whether the word is sometimes overused and misinterpreted.

Government talks about the wellbeing of communities (how we’re performing/surviving beyond GDP), schools talk about the wellbeing of future generations and a huge portion of the leisure industry is adjusting their messaging, from advising us to improve our ‘fitness’ to ‘nurturing our health and wellbeing’.

How can we overcome this confusion about ‘wellbeing’?

If it’s something we’re supposed to be attending to as a matter of urgency, wouldn’t it be great to understand how to create a practical plan for ourselves that enables us to take action?

Wellbeing’ is not a single-track road, perfecting one area to the best it can be, e.g. physical fitness, mental health, diet, etc. Being ‘well’ and nurturing our ‘deep wellbeing’ is about looking at the wider picture, as therapist, coach and writer Steve Thorp explains,

“Deep wellbeing is an approach that takes on board ALL aspects of your wellbeing and development. It is a common sense ‘mind, body and soul’ approach that also acknowledges the world we live in and the problems we have to face.

The basic aim of deep wellbeing and soul making is to find ways of living joyful and fulfilled lives in the often troubled times we live in.”

Steve Thorp: 21st Century Soul Making

As a trained counsellor with an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy and vast experience supporting clients to find and fulfil themselves, Steve is well placed to guide us to develop ourselves, relationships, work and spiritual life, including how to deal with external influences positively.

“We can all decide how we live our lives right now. My counselling, coaching and training work is about helping you to live with the problems you face with authenticity, creativity, grace and courage”We’ve discovered a contemporary approach to pilgrimage right here in west Wales, providing the experience of a guided outer journey to a special destination, and the space for you to explore an inner journey. None of which need link to any faith.

“I have worked with a number of different therapists in my life. It has always seemed to me that having a place to go, from time to time with ‘my stuff ‘ that doesn’t involve family or friends, is a necessity, not a luxury. I didn’t want to go over my history any more than was necessary this time, so when I spoke to Steve initially I told him what I was looking for. His response over the next few months was that of support and encouragement.

Among other things, he brought me many reminders to be kinder to myself…something it is so easy to forget.

Anyone having therapy has to have courage to face some truths they may have hidden from for a long time. Steve challenged me too, never unkind, never disrespectful, but with honesty and when he knew we should break and move on, he didn’t try and hold me in our therapeutic relationship beyond what was good for me. I have recommended friends to Steve and will continue to do so.”

(Recent client – Kitty Parsons, Pembrokeshire)

As an introduction to ‘deep wellbeing’ and the way he works, Steve is running 3 FREE taster workshops in St Davids this summer, each of which provide practical techniques to create a personal wellbeing toolkit, plus chance to talk about your wellbeing goals with Steve during or after the session.

Everyone is welcome to join, you can attend one, two or all three sessions. PLUS, by attending just one of these taster sessions, Steve will offer special discounts for his Deep Wellbeing Course (Autumn 2019) or one-to-one coaching or counselling sessions (more details below)

You’ll also have a chance to browse and buy Steve’s soul-making books and poetry pamphlets and receive an invitation to the launch of his new PoetryMix poetry and wellbeing series being launched in the summer.

Take a look at how you can benefit from the FREE Summer Wellbeing Sessions below and if you’d like to attend, click through to reserve your place.

#1 Working towards Deep Wellbeing

13 June | 7.30pm - 9pm | St Davids Wellbeing

In this session, Steve will share deep wellbeing strategies and wisdoms from over 20 years working as a teacher and therapist. This will include a holistic framework for developing deep wellbeing; and a range of body-mind-soul strategies (mindfulness, bodywork, creativity and finding ‘purpose’ and others).

Take away: A FREE Deep Wellbeing toolkit planner, to help you plan your own development in coming weeks and months.



#2 Soul Meditations and Manifestos

27 June | 7.30pm - 9pm | St Davids Wellbeing

This session will introduce ‘soul-making’; invite you to experience a ‘soul meditation’ and begin to develop your own ‘soul manifesto’. Soul meditations are practices based on active mindfulness and connection between your 'deep self' and the Earth. A soul manifestos is your way of putting your life purpose into practice!

Take away: A FREE soul template for developing your own personal manifestos and meditations.



#3 Wellbeing in Troubled Times

11 Jul | 7.30pm - 9pm | St Davids Wellbeing

This final session, will explore how social and ecological issues and the climate crisis can affect our wellbeing – and how we might sustain and grow ourselves in these troubled times. We’ll discuss how these big issues affect us, and how good conversations, community engagement and activism can support us.

Take away: Ideas for facing these challenges in yourself and in your community.



Deep Wellbeing course

This brand-new course is based on Steve’s Soulmaking e-course he has delivered online for the past 5 years and other workshops he has run over the past two decades. It takes a creative, soulful and ecological approach to individual development, and includes opportunities for personal reflection, deep learning and developmental conversations in group and one-to-one settings.

The course is based on a framework that brings together cutting edge psychological practice with integral ideas and spiritual wisdoms. It is based on the work of cutting edge writers such as James Hillman, Joanna Macy, Nora Bateson and many others.

It looks at individual development in the wider context of our troubled times, integrating our responses to climate change and ecological and social challenges, as well as our ‘closer-in’ personal, relational and community development.

Running at St Davids Wellbeing Centre from the Autumn of 2019, and over the next 12 months.

*Receive a special discount on this course if you attend one or more of the FREE Summer Wellbeing Sessions.

Work one-to-one with Steve

Work with Steve in a series of 1:1 coaching or counselling conversations.These sessions give you a chance to get a feel for his work and the ways in which his ‘common-sense’ therapy might work for you.

*Receive a special discount on your first session if you attend one or more of the FREE Summer Wellbeing Sessions.

Author - Sally Boyton

Author - Sally Boyton

Founder of Life Seeker, passionate about adventuring in west Wales, living simply and inspiring others to find happiness through positive living. Designer. Marketing specialist. People person.

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