Steve-Thorp - Soul-Making Counselling and Coaching

Soul-making: A new approach to counselling and coaching

  • How can we lives with depth, grit, grace and spirit in our work, art and life?
  • How can we live with engagement, love and joy in a deeply troubled world?


These two questions are at the heart of Steve Thorp’s ‘soul-making’ work and his approach to counselling and coaching work with individuals and couples.


Soul-making is about helping people find authentic and engaged approaches to living their life – in their families and communities – and also more broadly in relation to their unique contribution to the world.

Steve’s approach also recognises that we are all connected to each other – as humans – and that we also thrive and grow in relation to nature and the non-human world. This work takes place against a backdrop of issues like climate change and other political and social problems and crises.

Steve explains,

“we live in uncertain times, but it is possible to live a life that has kindness, connection and  creativity at its heart. This involves us in trying to live well in the present, even if we sometimes cannot hold much hope for the future”.

Steve is an experienced counsellor, coach and psychotherapist, who has worked in a wide range of settings and will be growing his practice at St Davids Wellbeing Centre in Pembrokeshire in coming months.

“I offer deep and soulful conversations that focus in helping people find themselves, fulfil themselves and grow themselves in this troubled and  beautiful world. This might look and feel like counselling, coaching, psychotherapy, spiritual mentoring or all (or none) of the above!”

Soul-making – this new approach – brings together all aspects of a person’s wellbeing. It isn’t a quick-fix approach to wellness or spiritual development, but involves deep, grounded and soulful conversations about you in the world.

Steve explains his approach in more detail,

“I work flexibly with three elements of the self –  the social self, which includes our relationships and engagement with our human communities; our ecological self, which deals with our connection with the Earth; and our soul self, which includes our original personality, calling and life direction.

All three are essential to living authentically in today’s challenging, ever-changing world. Working with all three is what makes up the developmental task of soul-making”.

If you are interested in working with Steve at his practice in St Davids Wellbeing Centre or online via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom, please email him or phone 07949553029.

Steve also offer e-courses, coaching and workshops, and you can find out more about his work and writing on his website.

Author - Sally Boyton

Author - Sally Boyton

Founder of Life Seeker, passionate about adventuring in west Wales, living simply and inspiring others to find happiness through positive living. Designer. Marketing specialist. People person.

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