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Protecting the planet with locally ‘sown and grown’

We have heard so much about the importance of creating wildlife havens in our gardens for our native wildlife and it is wonderful to see this in action all around us.  Saying hello to the grass snake in the compost heap is a pleasant treat here at the Perennial and the birdsong is a delight.

Gill, however, is not so sure about her morning encounters with the rabbits who are eyeing up the salads in the polytunnels, though.  But we have fenced them out and I think we understand each other – outside for you, inside for us!

But had you thought about where your plants come from when you are buying them?  Bringing plants in from abroad, even as seedlings brings in diseases.

Biosecurity and traceability are vital to keep our native flora and garden plants healthy; the list of imported diseases is long, but box blight and ash dieback are at the forefront of our minds at present.

Many of us remember Dutch elm disease which removed the majestic field elms from our countryside and this is likely the fate of our native ash tree. 

This may be a shameless plug for what we do at the Perennial, but we believe what we do is important. 

We propagate our own plants and only bring in plants we need from local Welsh and English growers and only when we need to introduce different stock. 

Not only is this good for the planet but a vital step in ensuring our biosecurity. 

UK sown and grown is our ethos. 

We also grow without pesticides and practice high standards of hygiene and propagation to keep out plants clean and healthy.  If you buy from the Perennial you are doing your bit to enhance your garden and preserve our plant health.

Remember we  host Spring Gardening Afternoons (Thursdays)
and the Perennial Garden Club (fortnightly)

Contact Gill Lewis for more information and to book a place.

Willow workshops at the Perennial

Workshops will run from 10am to about 4pm and include all materials, teaching, morning & afternoon refreshments, plus lunch in the Perennial Cafe.

Cost – £75 per person (max 6 people) 

Join us for a relaxing, enjoyable and constructive day

Making garden orbs

18 JUL

Square flower basket

20 AUG
Authors - Gill Lewis & Pippa Allen

Authors - Gill Lewis & Pippa Allen

Co-owners of the Perennial Gardens and Cafe in St Davids. Gill and Pippa were inspired to set up a new business together, to enjoy the challenges of putting life-learnt skills into practical use, putting something back into the local community through employing and training younger staff, adding to the St Davids 'visitor offer' and supporting the best of local food producers.

Gill began with a career in academic botany in various parts of the world, has been a gardener all her adult life, a garden designer in Pembrokeshire for the last two decades, and used to work at The Perennial Nursery as the 'Saturday girl'. Pippa also has a first degree in botany but was diverted into business and the economics of healthcare and her PhD is in this field. She has an unruly and interesting garden, keeps bees and cats, and loves a challenge.

visit the Perennial

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