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New search friendly website!

It’s been a while in the making and most definitely worth the long, head-scratching hours to bring you a pretty cool looking (if we do say so ourselves) wellbeing portal for West Wales!

Most importantly, it’s search-friendly on your mobile, meaning you can browse for positive lifestyle inspiration whenever you like.


If you didn’t know already, there is actually a science to happiness which is recorded and presented by researchers, neuroscientists and psychologists in various ways.

The Life Seeker hub is built around the Five Ways to Wellbeing (developed by the New Ecomonics Foundation) plus a 6th of our own.

It’s proven that adapting these basic principles into your life can have a considerable impact on your wellbeing. Notice how the hub is categorised around these six ways.



The new website makes it really easy to search for activities and events in West Wales. Search by category, type, date, cost and county. You can even scroll around in map view to see what’s happening near you.


Same applies for providers. Discover local experts in a range of positive lifestyle subjects such as yoga therapy, gardening for wellbeing, triathlon coaching, mindfulness, speech confidence coaching, yoga training for parents and teachers, creative workshops, happiness products, health food and nutrition and more…

HappyList logo

Happy Lists were born out of a need to provide an antidote to the rich/celebrity lists which worship at the shrine of the wealthy, the bonus-getters, and the tax avoiders.

We hope you’ll agree that celebrating good work happening locally is a much more inspirational activity! 

We are delighted to tell you that we are soon to launch the Happy List West Wales, in conjunction with Happy City in Bristol and part of a national campaign to make people smile.

There’s a few more sections to the hub to follow such as The Smile Files interviews, Meet the Provider and articles for the Life Seeker Newspaper.

We’d love to know what you think…comment below or email to let us know.

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