Lisa Smith - St Davids Yoga - Pembrokeshire

Meet Lisa Smith: St Davids Yoga

It’s blooming convenient having all this information available online, literally at our swiping fingertips. We can couch surf around the world, translate any phrase into our chosen language, buy our entire family a birthday gift and see what the weather is doing without stepping outside.

Even Life Seeker engages you in virtual form initially, before inspiring you to get off your bum to play smart and live well. And because there’s irony in that last point, I feel it’s time Life Seeker started to show some of the faces behind the words.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the positive lifestyle provider you are reading about. Feel their passion for what they do. Learn how you can benefit. Understand what makes them tick.

So here goes…

Meet Lisa Smith, owner of St Davids Yoga and founder of St Davids Wellbeing – nothing too swanky, just a short clip to bring you and her a little closer [2 minute watch].

How was it for you? Get in touch with Lisa here.

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