Level 1 Stained Glass fun here in Llandysul!

Five first-time stained glass pupils had a smashing day with us (tee hee…see what I did there?!) on our popular Level One stained glass class on 1st April.

Designed as a ‘crash course’ (another joke, for your enjoyment) our one day classes are intensive, hard work and LOTS of fun!
The day begins with a meet & greet followed by a health and safety briefing.Then the fun begins!

We learn how to cut glass, safely and always with the emphasis on helpful advice and secret tips!

After a break for tea, coffee and LOTS of biscuits, we move onto choosing a pattern from a selection that has something for all tastes…and we choose our glass from a sumptuous selection of colours and textures.

At this point, the pupils put their new-found cutting skills to the test, always being reminded that accuracy at this point will result in an easier leading experience during the afternoon.

Lunch can be eaten in the studio, but many pupils enjoy a leg-stretch down to the local eateries, shops or even the parkland opposite the studio…fresh air and a chance to think about their fantastic panels.

The leading and soldering process takes us to the end of the day…and finally the BEST bit….the pupils hold up their work to see for the very first time, and it really is a wonderful experience to hear the other pupils whoop with delight and encouragement!

Teaching our classes gives us so much enjoyment…and if just one person says ‘I had no idea how much work went into stained glass’ we feel an even greater sense of achievement.

So come along, give it a go – you’ll have a BLAST!

Guest Author: Justine Dodd from Cariad Glass

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