Kapow hoodie - Paul Sartori

Kapow t-shirts and hoodies for Paul Sartori

In addition to the good work being done by hundreds of participants fundraising to enter Kapow, the 5k inflatable obstacle course, Paul Sartori have just announced the availability of Kapow T-shirts and hoodies to support the charity.

When you purchase one of these items, a percentage of the sale cost is donated to Paul Sartori Foundation. 


Kapow Tshirt – £12.50

Kapow hoodie – £25

To order, call Paul Sartori on 01437 763223 (orders must be received by 25th April)


Sizes – Children: XS (16″)  |  S (17″)  |  M (18″)  |  L (19″)  |  XL (20″)
Sizes – Adult: S (34/36″)  |  M (38/40″)  |  L (42/44″)  | XL (46/48″)  |  2XL (50/52″)  |  3XL (54/56″)  |  4XL (58/60″)  |  5XL (62/64″)


Author - Sally Boyton

Author - Sally Boyton

Founder of Life Seeker, passionate about adventuring in west Wales, living simply and inspiring others to find happiness through positive living. Designer. Marketing specialist. People person.

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