Bungee off the Bridge - Pembroke Dock - Charity Event

Charity Bungee off the Bridge

One of only two bungee jumps above water in the UK is over the beautiful Cleddau estuary in Pembrokeshire. Bungee off the Bridge is organised by volunteers from Pembroke Dock Regeneration Team, alongside the UK Bungee Club, and with financial support from Pembrokeshire County Council.

Leap from the Cleddau Bridge, Pembroke Dock
Saturday  15th Oct 2016

You can bungee just for fun, or you can use your bungee to raise money for the charity, team, club or school of your choice.

Download your sponsorship form here and book your bungee jump here

Pembroke Dock Regeneration Team is a group of businesses, organisations and individuals working to raise the profile of the town, revitalise the town centre and create jobs.

Get involved if you can – this is a fantastic opportunity to #playsmartlivewell and to contribute to good work.

Bungee Of The Bridge 2015 from SkyCam Wales on Vimeo.

{Image credit: Pembrokeshire Photography]

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