Health benefits of gardening

A green-fingered day keeps the doctor away

March comes in like a lion (storm Freya approaching as I write this), so let’s hope it becomes more lamb like soon. 

At the Perennial we are definitely being blasted out of hibernation:  the salads are picking up speed, our nursery plants are growing away and our pre planted bulb containers are bursting into bloom. 

It makes us feel so good – a benefit of growing and nurturing our garden and nursery.

The health benefits of gardening were formally assessed and published by a group of researchers in 2017 [i]  They used a method called meta-analysis to look at all the published studies of the health benefits of participating in gardening compared with not doing any  gardening.  

The researchers concluded that the meta-analysis showed a significant positive effect of gardening on health outcomes for all participants. This means, they say, that gardening can improve physical, psychological and social health which, from a long-term perspective, can alleviate and prevent various health issues facing today’s society.

In other words a regular dose of gardening can improve public health!  And in St Davids at the Perennial we can make it easy for you to get a dose of this health improving activity. 

The Perennial Garden Club is established (this month’s dates are March 12th and 26th and every fortnight thereafter). It is a regular forum for learning about designing, planning, sowing and propagating for your garden. Join the Facebook event here.

The Spring Gardening afternoons are starting at 2pm on 7th March and allow you to get out in our garden or poly tunnels, get your hands into the soil and receive coaching in various techniques.

In addition, in the nursery and shop we have books with gardening advice, seeds and plants to help get your own patch blooming.


Spring Gardening Afternoons

Thursday afternoons from 2pm (starting 7th March)

Perennial Garden Club

12th March, 26th March and fortnightly thereafter

Contact Gill Lewis for more information and to book a place.


Cafe and shop re-open soon

And to attend to other aspects of life that deliver happiness, we are pleased to say that the café and shop re-open on 29th March and we have lovely new products for the shop as well as  Rhosgadw beef and our tasty teas, coffees and cakes etc. in the café. And remember, for Mothering Sunday we will have afternoon teas which can be booked ahead for an indulgent treat.

Contact Perennial:

text 07398 804148

[i] Masashi Soga, Kevin J. Gaston, Yuichi Yamaura. Gardening is beneficial for health: A meta-analysis.  Preventive Medicine Reports, Volume 5, March 2017, Pages 92-99
Authors - Gill Lewis & Pippa Allen

Authors - Gill Lewis & Pippa Allen

Co-owners of the Perennial Gardens and Cafe in St Davids. Gill and Pippa were inspired to set up a new business together, to enjoy the challenges of putting life-learnt skills into practical use, putting something back into the local community through employing and training younger staff, adding to the St Davids 'visitor offer' and supporting the best of local food producers.

Gill began with a career in academic botany in various parts of the world, has been a gardener all her adult life, a garden designer in Pembrokeshire for the last two decades, and used to work at The Perennial Nursery as the 'Saturday girl'. Pippa also has a first degree in botany but was diverted into business and the economics of healthcare and her PhD is in this field. She has an unruly and interesting garden, keeps bees and cats, and loves a challenge.

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