Lemon and poppy seed muffins

Wrong foods at the wrong times

I’m far from an expert on nutrition, but I can claim to have vast experience in eating the wrong foods at the wrong times. It’s not that I’ve lived my life in ignorance and refused to understand what the recommended intake of food types should be, it’s that I’ve too often fallen back on the infamous excuse of…HAVING NO TIME!

Granted, I got away with eating what I liked through school, due to my youth and  probably spending more hours playing sport than in class. And the high metabolism continued through uni and into my first years of working life (despite adding alcohol to the mix).

It was when I knuckled down into corporate life that I started to see a change, living a more sedentary lifestyle of car commutes, desk twitching and repeating cycles of work-eat-sleep-work-eat-sleep.
Lemon and poppy seed muffins

I’ve always been well built (I prefer to use the more humorous phrase ‘big boned’) as well as height deficient (a short ass) and so when the flat belly developed into more of an arc and the skin around my body became more ‘pokable’, it was time to take stock of what my body now NEEDED to digest, rather than what I WANTED it to digest.

Over several years, I absorbed countless bits of foodie advice from friends, TV chefs, and nutrition books and after lots of trial and error, found myself in a different place…physically that is, living in Pembrokeshire and STILL eating the wrong foods at the wrong times!

In all seriousness, I’m being slightly harsh on myself as Dave and I have cooked from scratch for many years and we now opt for fresh, real food more often than the convenience option (our cookery course in Thailand will be long remembered for that).

The spanner in the works is the snacking…

What to snack on?
Is it ‘grabbable’ at busy times?
Is it attainable on the road?
Do we even need to snack at all?
How can we shop smarter to have the right foods, for the right shelf life, on hand through the working week?

Bowl of fresh fruit

For me personally, if I can adopt the right habits in this area, I’ll be on my way to a more balanced and happier way of life.

So with all this amateur knowledge about how gluten, sugar, protein and carbs affect my body, isn’t it about time I put this information into practice?

I no longer fight a regime of long inflexible hours, draining commutes with limited time or energy to cook (not forgetting the time to food shop, clean, pay the bills, exercise, learn…and have a social life if that’s allowed?!).  Gone too, are the uninspiring lunch views of my PC screen or road-side ‘car dates’ en route to a meeting.

With this in mind, surely I can just ditch the chocolate, alcohol, sugary snacks and the seeded bread (nom nom)…or is it really that simple? And isn’t it about eating a little bit of everything in moderation?

Granted, online grocery shopping has now revolutionised busy people’s lives and those lucky enough to pass a local fruit & veg shop/butcher/baker that is open outside of working hours have a good head start.­ So why is eating healthily all the time so blooming difficult?

Habit, convenience, social pressure, comfort?

All of the above I believe. Changing our diet takes a huge shift in lifestyle which needs care and attention over a long period of time. If you’re a ‘get slim quick’ kind of person then the articles in this section aren’t for you.  If you are keen on following our journey to seek out positive information on eating well, to help you feel more balanced, calm and energised, stay on for the ride.

I know a lot of people who do this for a living and will be welcoming their input along the way. Meanwhile, for a bit of inspiration and education, I’ve been following Fanny’s Real Food, Everything’s Rosey, Madeleine Shaw and Recipe Junkie.

And just a little reminder that what we put into our body is JUST ONE aspect of the Life Seeker mission. Let’s try to move, play, create, learn and focus more too.

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