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Life Seeker is a community interest company, meaning we trade like any other business, yet 100% of net profit is reinvested into providing wellbeing resources and other good work to make a positive social impact in the community. 

  • Our online hub is contemporary, content rich and mobile friendly
  • Our digital newspaper is reaching up to 3,500 readers per issue and growing
  • We connect with a local and organically built social media community
  • We host a growing network of positive lifestyle professionals 
  • Our vision is supported and content shared by key organisations in West Wales 

Make yourself heard

Work independently and be part of a bigger mission

  • Men & women 30yrs +
  • The youth generation
  • Busy people
  • Mid-late cycle/empty nest parents
  • Retired fun seekers
  • Career/life crossroaders
  • Those managing physical & mental health
  • Lonely people seeking company
  • Inactive/Sedentary workers
  • Those with limited mobility
  • Residents in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion
  • Visitors to west Wales
  • Town and community councils
  • GP surgeries, health centres and libraries
  • Key public organisations
  • Tourism bodies and providers
  • Private businesses
  • Social enterprises
  • Charitable organisations
  • Public sector organisations

How you benefit...

Our expertise in digital marketing enables us to:

  • Learn about your business so we can be your second voice
  • Identify your best bits and shout about them to others
  • Translate your jargon so the layman connects to your message
  • Make your content look beautiful so people engage for longer
  • Write to please search engines to get you noticed online
  • Network on social media to authentically highlight your brand

Invest in the wellbeing of your community!

Join our provider network now to expand your audience and be kept in the loop on promotional opportunities and our social impact work

  • Private organisations pay just 6/mth
  • Non-Profit organisations are invited free of charge

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