'Meet the Provider' Q&A

Increase your exposure by joining our ‘Meet the provider’ Q&A! 

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  • Displayed as an article in the hub
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  • Be shared socially
  • Be promoted via the Life Seeker newspaper

We suggest copy and pasting the questions below to your own computer to type up your answers. THEN copy & paste the full content (including the questions) using the form above.

  1. Tell us your name, the name of your business and where you operate in West Wales? (village, county)
  2. What products and services do you provide and how can Seekers access them? (briefly describe your products/services – accessible via class/workshop, 1:1 consultation, online shop, real shop?)
  3. How can Seekers benefit from what you do? (list up to 3 ways your service positively impacts the Seeker)
  4. What do you love about the work you do? (helping others, sharing your passion/skill, working with people, being outside? )
  5. How did you end up in your vocation? (short description of your journey)
  6. Personal trivia (one word or very short answers please!)

Early mornings or late nights?
Cats or dogs?
Retreat or festival?
Coast walk or coasteering?
Facebook or Instagram?
Guilty pleasure?
Favourite place in West Wales and why?
What did you want to do ‘when you grew up’?

  1. Why should people use Life Seeker? (a few suggestions if you’re stuck!)
    Positive lifestyle providers, activities, events, articles in one place.
    It’s a useful wellbeing resource for living positively.
    Provides a journey of self-discovery to increase personal wellbeing.
    ‘Green prescriptions’ can work – LS supports this.
    A catalyst to creating your own happiness
  2. How can Seekers find you/keep in touch? (your website, Life Seeker hub, social media, newsletter link?)