Online Wellbeing Hub launches in Wales

15 May 2016


Life Seeker, Wales’ first online Wellbeing Hub dedicated to inspiring the mainstream to play smart and live well, has gone live.

The hub, a privately developed project with Pembrokeshire roots, shares interesting events, stories and food for thought, to inspire people to take time out, to live and happier and healthier life. Readers are encouraged to get creative, relax, learn new skills, play more, eat sensibly, exercise, rest and nurture mindfulness.

Project founder, Sally Boyton remarks,

“I support the concept that we create our own happiness and believe the answer to a more fulfilling life is in how we prioritise and make choices about work, money, the people we surround ourselves with, what we eat and how we move.

Life Seeker is the catalyst for those interested in improving their work-life balance, to take control of their lives and schedule time & head space to do more of what they love. Research suggests doing what we love increases our flow (the feeling of being in ‘the zone’), which in turn has a positive effect on our general wellbeing”

Readers are invited to join Life Seeker as they explore and report on new providers, places and activities as the layman. They can access educational articles and advice from specialist practitioners, contact providers directly and book onto experiences in Wales. Groups can also benefit from bespoke sessions or short breaks, designed with a specific brief in mind.Explore - Experience - Discover - Smile

“Life Seeker provides a place for both readers and providers to be part of a larger community” explains Sally, “Those seeking a better lifestyle are perhaps unsure of what they are looking for and need educating on the options available. The opportunity to connect with one hub and try something new from a range of options is appealing and convenient. The online format also gels with the social media generation, in which the customer decides with who, when and how to interact.

Many independent wellbeing-linked providers desire more exposure. They struggle to reach potential customers, either due to time constraints of servicing clients, or limited marketing knowledge. Life Seeker provides a readymade platform and a warm audience, enabling providers to engage in the conversation and remain independent, whilst supporting a common mission.

I am pleased that Life Seeker satisfies certain objectives of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. We have also chosen to add the recently launched .wales domain to our brand, as true supporters of Wales as a destination of choice for happiness and wellbeing. ”

The hub is proving popular after just several weeks online, having promoted activities such as creative workshops, yoga practitioners, herbal medicine and festivals in South West Wales. Life Seeker invites relevant providers in the South Wales area to get in touch to participate.

For a bit of light hearted entertainment, readers are also invited to contribute to the ‘Wall of Happiness by tagging what makes them smile with #thesmilefiles on Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube.

To find out more, visit or email