The Life Seeker newspaper educates, inspires and initiates real action for positive and sustainable living in West Wales. Content focuses on local people and activities, making it more engaging and relevant to readers than the national equivalent.

By contributing to the newspaper, not only are you raising exposure for your organisation, you are investing in the wellbeing of the west Wales community (we are a community interest company).


  • Life Seeker is the sole positive living title for residents and visitors in west Wales
  • Digital issues publish every 6 weeks
  • Each issue is supported and circulated by key organisations in west Wales
  • 100% of net profit is reinvested into the project and positive lifestyle activities for local people
  • Charities, social enterprises and private organisations benefit from exposure locally


  • Having your content shared by a third party raises your profile and increases search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Your story features on a platform that attracts 2,500 - 3,000 views per issue
  • We promote your story to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram communities within 30 days of publish date, plus 400+ people in the Life Seeker email community (96% live in west Wales)
  • Your story/org may receive a bonus mention on air during 'Life Seeker Sneak Peek' with Pure West Radio
  • Your content permanently exist in the Life Seeker hub to attract online search and signposting to your business long term
  • You feel good for making a positive impact on the wellbeing of our community (our net profits are reinvested)


We promote non-profit organisations, activities and events free of charge where time and space allows. Get in touch to tell us about what you do.

Contact Sal to reserve your space or stay in the loop by receiving content requests

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