Daisybus Gardens of Wellbeing

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    Sarah Wint has been gardening for over 20 years and has personal experience of how gardening can help to cope with bereavement and depression. Sarah’s new garden, The Daisybus Gardens of Wellbeing is open for visitors to Pembrokeshire, Thursday - Monday from April to September.  They are the first gardens in the UK to show 'how & why' rather than 'show off'. A beautiful collection of small themed evolving gardens with handy greenfingers tips along the way.

    Sarah has also written a book Sunshine Over Clover: Gardens of Wellbeing (available here) which relates the stories of many other people across the country who have found that their gardens have had a positive beneficial effect on their lives.

    She hosts various workshops and courses with a focus on helping you on your way to becoming a Mindful Gardener. After working with Sarah, you should be feeling ready to do whatever you want in your garden – whether that be creating a beautiful flower filled paradise or just simply lying on the ground connecting with the earth’s energy.

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