Serena has spent 35 years working as an actress, on TV, in all the major theatre companies, on the radio and in film ; she will never stop being an actress, and is committed to live performance in all it’s forms, but about 20 years ago she began to help people to find their presence and ease when they present, whether that is to large numbers or in a 1:1 conversation.

Serena works across all sectors, and she does a lot of work 1:1 , but she believes (and it is her experience ) that working in a group is the fastest way to begin to feel confidence in your innate story telling ability, since that is what we as humans do naturally! Even the most fearful of presenters begins to enjoy the experience of standing up in front of others after a Fearless Speaking workshop.

She is currently running courses in Pembrokeshire with yoga teacher Lisa Smith; the two of them combining their teaching experience to provide exciting and fun days that will leave you feeling confident and at ease in front of any audience.


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