I share a communication tool kit known as Nonviolent Communication, developed by a man called Marshall Rosenberg (CNVC.org). It is a powerful conflict resolution tool that thinks compromising is not good enough. And if the conflict is within you, how can you compromise without a part of you missing out - and creating a chain that knots you up....

Instead using NVC we focus on deeper longings and values when there is a disagreement on what to do. People feel heard in a way they have often not been heard before, and magic things happen. This system is not just about what you say or don't say, it is an approach to life which makes life more wonderful with deeper connections.

I offer bespoke individual coaching sessions, consultation, mediation, workshops/teaching.

There is a regular 2.5 hr Practice Group every fortnight in North Pembs. NVC is useful for adults and children, and for use in families. The NVC community is very supportive for people struggling in any way. Apart from me, there are many resources, free and otherwise.

If you would like me to come along to an event or there are a group of you that would like to learn more, get in touch.