Life Seeker Newspaper – Issue 7

Welcome to Issue 7 of the Life Seeker newspaper – promoting positive and sustainable living to the community of west Wales. Read about good work, live well locally, events, food for thought, youth matters, the smile files, good stuff, services and activities.

5 Reasons to do Couch to 5k

Sal shares her experience of learning to run, how it’s benefiting her physical and mental health and announces a fundraising challenge for Ty Hafan children’s hospice.

The Carmarthen boy who ran away with the circus

‘Running away with the circus’ often conjures up the idea of romance, a pipe dream or a fantasy world for those living the life of nine to five. So when we met Ellis at NoFit State’s first performance of the 2019 LEXICON tour, we took the opportunity to hear his story; from Carmarthen based student to tightrope walker, in a show of international standing.