Getting active outdoors

5 Steps To Getting Active Outdoors

Going outdoors can be more challenging at times but once you are out in your natural environment you will reap the wonderful benefits of doing exercise in the open air. Just 5 mins of exercise outdoors in natural areas can benefit your self-esteem significantly. The key is to do it at your own pace so that you can transform your lifestyle into the outdoors, to improve your quality of life long term.

Reach Project - Pembrokeshire College

Helping others and our heroes

A vibrant sea of colour welcomed me as I stepped into the entrance of Pembrokeshire College. The upcycling course (part of the Reach Project) had come to

Natural Health Centre Narberth

Natural Health in Narberth

I stumbled across this event a couple of weeks back and as someone increasingly interested in natural health and healing, it was an ideal opportunity to meet the practitioners and learn more about the therapies available. What a fabulous day – thanks all for an uplifting and inspiring introduction to leading a more natural, happier and healthier life.

Lemon and poppy seed muffins

Wrong foods at the wrong times

For me personally, if I can adopt the right habits in this area, I’ll be on my way to a more balanced and happier way of life. So with all this amateur knowledge about how gluten, sugar, protein and carbs affect my body, isn’t it about time I put this information into practice?

Be a glass artist for the day

Having only ever seen the final piece, I’d often wondered exactly what goes into the process of fused glass art. So when the chance to experience a glass workshop for myself popped up (to make a glass tea light panel), I jumped at it.

Lantern workshop - applying the skin

The art of lantern making

I know I’ve had a good day when I get home, physically ready to sleep for a week but mentally running like the Duracell bunny.