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10 Keys to Happier Living

Over the last 12 months and subconsciously years before that, I have been studying what really makes people happy. What makes people tick? What doesn’t? And why?

I’m now in the fortunate position to be able to help share what I’ve found, not because the opportunity landed at my feet, but because I had a vision about something I’m passionate about and took the leap to create Life Seeker.

I want to spread the message that it is possible to create your own happiness and although there is no magic potion, there are tonnes of ways to get there, if you really want to.

Life Seeker doesn’t claim to know it all. Instead we invite you to join our journey to find out what we can do to make our lives happier and healthier. We follow experts in the field, listen to their views and findings and share it with you, to digest at your convenience.

This leads me on to tell you about Action for Happiness, a global movement (and part of The Young Foundation) who are on a mission to build a happier and more caring society.

I recently completed the Action for Happiness course which encourages group discussion to explore what matters about finding a happy and more meaningful life.

As a group we were guided to explore; What really matters in life? What actually makes us happy? Can we find peace of mind? How should we treat others? What makes for great relationships? Can we be happier at work? Can we build happier communities? How can we create a happier world?

The outcome was eye opening and what hit me the most was how others interpreted and reacted to the same subject so differently. The way to happiness is not a ‘one fits all’ solution, that’s what makes the world so diverse.

It is up to us an individuals to determine our life values, take appropriate action and finally reap the rewards. There isn’t a potion for happiness, but there is a realistic formula.

Action for Happiness poster - Awareness

The key message from Action for Happiness is the 10 Keys to Happier Living. How simple the journey towards happiness could be if we took a breath and became more aware of ourselves and others.

Are you interested in finding out how to become a more mindful and happier person?

Visit the Action for Happiness website to read about how the 10 Keys can help you.

This post first appeared on Life Seeker

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