To be happy, what really matters?
And how do we get there?

Juggling work, money, family and leisure commitments is a challenge. Sometimes, we get the balance right. Often we navigate daily routine with our eyes almost closed.

Did you know that although 60% of our happiness is controlled by genes and circumstance,  a whopping 40% is guided by doing things we choose to do.

When we indulge in an activity to make us feel good, we experience ‘flow’.

Those that experience flow regularly are happier than those that don’t (we heard about this here)

When was the last time you took time out to do something for yourself?
Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn?
Do you wish you could play more?
Would you like to feel healthier?
Does your mind need a rest or crave inspiration?

It’s time for you to find your own flow. Life is much more fun with your eyes open.

We saw this quote a while back,


Enough said, LET’S BUILD THE DOOR (understand how we help you)