• What is Viniyoga?

    This is a question I am frequently asked, particularly by new yoga students and beginners. On my flyers and website I describe it as “A gentle form of Yoga using postures to support and develop the breath. It is a meditative approach, suitable for all abilities.” but that really doesn’t do it justice. Viniyoga is […]

  • Haverfoodfest-logo

    Haverfoodfest at County Hall

    Aptly named, Haverfoodfest brings together the best that local produce has to offer to host a celebration of food, fun and entertainment in the county town of Haverfordwest. This is great news for the town and we are pleased to see community spirit seeping back into the area, as well as some exciting new businesses […]

  • WIN a ‘Time Out’ Weekend in West Wales

    If you are resident or a regular visitor to West Wales, you will understand why we talk so positively about our surrounding environment. The counties of Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion are flooded with breath taking landscapes, rejuvenating fresh air and warm-hearted people. Even on a ‘down day’ it’s difficult to forget where we are, and how some […]

  • Level 1 Stained Glass fun here in Llandysul!

    Five first-time stained glass pupils had a smashing day with us (tee hee…see what I did there?!) on our popular Level One stained glass class on 1st April. Designed as a ‘crash course’ (another joke, for your enjoyment) our one day classes are intensive, hard work and LOTS of fun! The day begins with a […]

  • IKYA-meditation-coast

    The best (and worst) Mindfulness and Meditation Jokes of all time

    If you’re someone that practices or works with mindulness or meditation, you’ll be well aware of the humorous side to these very serious subjects. Not everyone thinks the way you do and some are perhaps sceptical until they’ve tried the techniques for themselves. Nevertheless, it’s quite fun to see the comedy side to both mindfulness and meditation […]

  • Sarah Wint - The Daisybus Gardens - Solva

    Happiness is Sunshine

    When you’ve been through the mill, especially if you haven’t and may never actually wholly extricate yourself from the grinding cogs of the mill, happiness almost seems a frivolity.  Just surviving one minute to the next is achievement enough. ‘Cheer up – it may never happen’ is likely to earn someone a thump more than […]

  • Laughter workshop - Life Seeker - Wales

    Laughter Workshops – A workout you’ll be dying to get up for

    Who doesn’t enjoy a good belly laugh?  In our eyes, laughter = smiles = happy times and we all need more of those.   As Life Seeker is all about inspiring you to create your own happiness, what could be more appropriate than us hosting Laughter Workshops in 2017.   More commonly known as ‘Laughter Yoga’, we’ve […]

  • Half Term fun - Pembrokeshire - Wales

    Half Term: What’s On in West Wales?

    Yippee, half term is here and it’s the perfect opportunity to take time out, spend quality time with friends and family, re-discover yourself and beautiful West Wales. Unless you are working that is, which also brings benefits like no school runs meaning more time at home. Plus, more smiles around the place in general, as the majority […]

  • Transition Bro Gwuan team - Fishguard - Pembrokeshire - Wales

    Transition Cafe Fishguard a Finalist in European Surplus Food competition

    It is FANTASTIC news that Pembrokeshire’s food surplus project, Transition Cafe in Fishguard is listed as a finalist in the European Surplus Food competition and THEY ASK YOU TO VOTE in support of their mission by 28 FEBRUARY. The REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest looks for the freshest ideas to tackle food waste across Europe. People are developing […]

  • sympathy-plea

    Five Good Reasons to Catch the Lurgy

    Having recently returned from a 14 day retreat, I thought it apt to reflect and share some notes you may find useful. The unfortunate twist in this tale is that this particular retreat was of forced nature, providing intense days of uninterrupted coughing & a yelping sore throat, restricted breathing, insomnia, various energy draining activities, […]

  • send-a-cow-change a family's future

    Send a Cow for Christmas

    On the 12th day of Christmas, you’re likely to be sitting in one of three camps; Camp Smug – your pre-festive planning went tremendously and with presents wrapped, decs up and the turkey awaiting collection, you’ve a whole 13 days to brew and taste test the mulled wine, make mince pies for Santa and test the mulled just once […]

  • Are you REALLY ‘fine’?

    A study of 2,000 adults commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation has found that the average adult will say “I’m fine” 14 times a week, though just 19% really mean it. This isn’t surprising as I’m sure most of us can relate to the scenario. Does the person asking how we are actually mean it? Or […]

  • Action for Happiness-10-keys-to-happier-living

    10 Keys to Happier Living

    Over the last 12 months and subconsciously years before that, I have been studying what really makes people happy. What makes people tick? What doesn’t? And why? I’m now in the fortunate position to be able to help share what I’ve found, not because the opportunity landed at my feet, but because I had a vision about […]

  • Crafty for Christmas

    We’re looking forward to getting crafty with the Cheerful Project this Saturday at Simpson Cross community Centre. Come along to our drop-in session where you can learn how to make funky tshirt scarves, Suffolk Puffs and rag wreaths from repurposed materials. Make for yourself or as a special gift in time for Christmas. No experience […]

  • Bungee off the Bridge - Pembroke Dock - Charity Event

    Charity Bungee off the Bridge

    One of only two bungee jumps above water in the UK is over the beautiful Cleddau estuary in Pembrokeshire. Bungee off the Bridge is organised by volunteers from Pembroke Dock Regeneration Team, alongside the UK Bungee Club, and with financial support from Pembrokeshire County Council. THE CHALLENGE Leap from the Cleddau Bridge, Pembroke Dock Saturday  15th Oct […]

  • The secrets of sourdough - ingredients for sourdough starter-VicNorth-Life Seeker

    The Secrets of the Sourdough Starter

    There’s nothing quite like a loaf of freshly baked bread. The physical work, mixing and kneading, the waiting, the joy of the steaming crust and the warm aromas that burst forth from the oven at the end of the bake that leave you reaching for the (Welsh, salted) butter. Baking with sourdough starter, using the […]

  • Living the Dream as a Welsh Potter

    Have you ever dreamed of disappearing into the countryside to live life as a potter? Where you can wake up and draw inspiration from the environment around you. And with the skills you’ve developed, teach life skills to help those less fortunate. After meeting Welsh ceramicist Mena Williams, I can tell you that the above […]

  • Short Film of the Mabinogion Project with Cheerful Project

    Community Arts = Smiles

    What a FABULOUS time we had working with the Cheerful Project on the Mabinogion inspired workshops and carnival. Below is the final film (lots of our footage using SMART phones in here) which wraps up the whole project. A fantastic example of the positive effect community arts has in a rural area. Just look at […]

  • IKYA-meditation-coast

    IKYA Meditation – a Modern Approach for Modern People

    IKYA Meditation derives from a team of practitioners in Norway and as they describe it, they provide, “modern meditation techniques for the modern people in a modern society”. Life Seeker has the pleasure of welcoming IKYA accredited practitioners from Holland to South West Wales during the weekend of 30th Sept 2016. During this weekend you will have the opportunity to sample some IKYA techniques at one of our drop-in workshops.

  • Join the Beastly Procession at Narberth Carnival

    Following my involvement in the activities for last year’s River of Lights parade in Haverfordwest, I was excited to hear that the Cheerful Project was developing a similar community arts project, inspired by stories of the Mabinogion in Narberth. Last October, The Lab and the Cheerful Project collaborated to teach the art of lantern making […]